Here, journalists have to protect their sources. In other countries, they also have to protect their families.
All means are being employed
to stifle information.
Imprisoning a journalist who has dared to speak out

makes him silent, but it also deprives him and his family of the income he receives from his activity. Our last press freedom index listed 156 detained journalists, and just as many families in disarray.
Because they are at the frontline of the news,

net-citizens and their families have increasingly become the target of threat and censorship from governments that feel endangered by the Internet being a new area of freedom.
Every year, 1000 journalists

are assaulted or threatened. In many cases, these aggressions and threats also pursue their families : husbands or wives under house arrest, parents called to the police, children beaten...
2012 : Bad year for freedom of information
Become a Protector of Freedom of Information
Mise en sécurité
For 25 years, Reporters without borders

has been providing financial, material and psychological support to journalists who are in jail and their families. We also support the protection and asylum demands of journalists and their families who are forced into exile.

Deo Namudjimbo,
congolese journalist - exfiltrated by RWB - more
Fight against censorship
Lutte contre la censure
Our project "We Fight Censorship"

offers net-citizens and journalists of the entire world the possibility to publish their censored content on the Internet. We also provide a digital safety deposit box to protect their information, and a survival kit online to get around cybercensorship...

Collecting facts, mobilizing the media and public opinion

to name the governments that violate the freedom of the press and the elementary rights of their citizens, is at the center of our mission, and it enables significant progress.

Journalists testimonials

Déo Namujimbo – exfiltrated by RWB

His brother, also a journalist, was murdered in 2008 in DRC. He came to Paris in early 2009 to receive his Plume d’Or prize. RWB took advantage of this time to get him a grant, support his exfiltration and help him demand political refugee status, which he received. .


Mary Luz Avendaño, journalist seeking refuge in Spain.

After having revealed the arrival of a new drug trafficker who came to dispute a part of the territory held by rival gangs in Medellin, Colombia in a June 2011 article, Mary Avedo's life is under threat. She has to "stop such disclosures if she values her life." The journalist's life has already been under danger, since she revealed connections between certain paramilitary groups and the police. Reporters Without Borders, who is closely following her situation, is encouraging her to go into exile for her own protection. Mary Luz has left everything, fleeing the danger via Peru and then Spain.


Agil Khalil, Azerbaidjani journalist refugee in France

"If I am still alive it is thanks to Reporters Without Borders" Stabbed, then pushed under the metro was the fate of Agil Khalil, a Young Azerbaijani journalist following the 2008 publication of several articles denouncing the activities of the local mafia and the corruption of the judicial system. He came within a hair's breadth away from death. Terrified, he hid. An escape followed. RWB obtained a visa and upon his arrival guided him through all the administrative procedures. "RWB is like a second family. As soon as I arrived, I was immediately surrounded. Psychologically, it's very important in the beginning. Since then, I have been able to resume my studies in France, and I continue to write for the newspaper that I worked for in Azerbaijan."

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in danger of death in his country.
You help for example
a lawyer to release
a detained journalist.
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